Three things to remember when hiring a skip bin

Hiring a skip bin is the sensible way of disposing of large quantities of waste. However, in order to make your bin hire as effective as possible, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Don't overfill

Under no circumstances should a skip bin be filled above the level of the rim. To load it any higher is dangerous, and it will be illegal to transport it. If you overfill the bin, the operator will likely refuse to remove it until the excess rubbish has been removed; or they may remove it themselves and leave it in a pile outside your property. You may also be charged extra if the operator is unable to remove the skip bin. It is worth remembering that this will happen even if it was not you who put the rubbish in the skip - if a neighbour takes advantage of you and puts their own rubbish, it is nevertheless you who will be responsible.

Don't use it for anything hazardous

Skip bins are for general waste. You should not use them for any type of hazardous chemicals. This includes paints, oils, solvents, laboratory chemicals or acids. You should also not use a skip bin for food waste, which can attract vermin, and other prohibited items such as car batteries, gas bottles, tyres or mattresses. You should also be aware that materials from older buildings could contain asbestos. It will be your responsibility to check if asbestos is present, and you must not dispose of it in a skip bin if it is. If you have any hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of, you should contact your local authority to find out what to do.

Obtain council permits

Different municipalities have different rules about where a skip bin can be placed and whether you need a permit. You should not need one if the bin is placed on your property; however, if you intend to place it on the road or a nature strip, then you may have to obtain permission from the council, and this may include the payment of a fee. You should find out whether the skip bin hire operator will arrange for any permits or you will be responsible for it yourself.

Different hire agencies will have different rules. Take the time to find out what they are, and you should not run into any problems with your skip bin.

To learn more, contact a skip bin supplier.

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