Essential Skip Bin Hire Tips Everyone Needs

Decluttering is a cathartic experience, but you need to find a way to free yourself from your junk. One way to make this easier is with a bin hire service. You'll save time by not making trips to several different recycling centres, and you can rid yourself of all your rubbish in one go. If you want to make hiring a skip bin more efficient, it's time to learn a few essential tips.

Don't assume that bigger means better

If you're tempted to hire a bin that's as big as possible, take a step back and consider whether it's necessary. Most skip bin hire firms are adept at calculating the perfect size for your needs with just a few details. Before you hire a skip bin, write a rough list of what you want to throw away and provide the hire company with the information they need.

Don't pay to throw away air

As you declutter, you'll probably place your items into plastic bags. Before you tie them up, make sure you squeeze the air out. In doing so, you'll avoid paying extra for the space the air takes up and fit more into your skip bin.

Pay attention to weight restrictions

Although the bin you hire will come with a certain capacity, you may also find that it has a weight restriction. If you exceed the restriction, you may need to pay extra for rubbish disposal. Make sure you can budget for this, and keep a close eye on the types of items you're throwing away.

Break items down before throwing them away

If you're throwing away large items such as furniture, avoid placing them in the bin in one piece. You may find yourself trying to play skip bin Tetris otherwise, especially if you're disposing of items such as tables and chairs. To make your task easier, break everything down so that it's more likely to slot in neatly.

Weigh down flyaway items

It's always a good idea to place heavier items at the bottom, especially if they're large. However, if you're placing your bin outside and you have light items such as paper or textiles, weigh them down with something that's bulky. Doing this prevents them from flying away when wind speed picks up and helps you keep your local area tidy as a result.

When hiring a skip bin, taking a careful approach helps you get more from your experience. As a result, you'll throw away more items and enjoy a tidier home.

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