Avoid These Terrible Mistakes When Hiring a Skip Bin for Your Waste Disposal Needs

Responsible disposal of waste from your home is a duty that you owe to all the people living in the neighbourhood. Leaving household and other forms of waste lying around is unfair to your neighbours, and it can be detrimental to the environment as well. The good thing is that you can hire skip bins to help you deal with waste in a manner that is friendly to the neighbourhood and the environment. When using these services for the first time, there are some mistakes that you should refrain from making:

Wasting Space When You Can Recycle

Just like any other hired services, you should be looking to get the most of your skip bin at the least possible cost. You can do this by reducing the rate at which you fill it and have to call the service provider to come and collect it. Take note of what doesn't really have to go into the skip bin so that there is lots space for what you need to get rid of. Basically, materials that don't have put in the skip are things that can be recycled. Look out for firms that recycle metals and plastics and arrange regular pickups with them so that such reusable waste doesn't waste space in your skip bin.

Using a Skip Bin for the Wrong Purpose

This is another common mistake that might force you into expenses and liabilities that you hadn't planned for. Putting the wrong items in a skip bin can be adequate grounds for your service provider to forfeit the collection agreement you had with them because they might not have scheduled or planned to empty such materials. To add to that, wrong materials in a skip bin can damage its linings and material, forcing you to pay for liabilities you hadn't planned for. When hiring, specify whether you want a skip bin for household waste, green waste or hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos-based components.

Overfilling the Skip Bin

Overfilling the bin is another mistake that you are likely to make. The temptation to fill the bin to an extent where it can overflow is understandable, as you're trying to save on costs. However, note that there are regulations in place forbidding you from overfilling your skip bin. Local authorities and environmental agencies alike are very keen on making sure that you don't litter the town and neighbourhood as the waste is moved from one place to another. For this reason, your service provider might be forced to leave some trash on your residence if you have overfilled your bin.

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